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The ambitious project by Rockstar Games became the greatest crime saga in gaming and the third best-selling game ever. Grand theft Auto V is the king, so hail! The story in GTA V takes place in a fictional San Andreas state no one would doubt, but, to make it sure for final, the footages for its landscapes were taken in South California.

The three characters you control are criminal geniuses of special kinds: all of them are good at robbery, but Michael is also great at combat switching to bullet time, Franklin is a hell of a driver, and Trevor goes berserk in a combat, causing more damage.

Together or apart, depending on the mission they rise from nothing to the top of criminal San Andreas. Retelling the whole story makes no sense.

Besides that, each year it gets some new lines with add-ons. So follow and enjoy. The environment is detailed up to perfection, humans look and move as if they were real, and even the blood the characters spill looks so red. First, you wonder how Rockstar Games managed that; then you remember about four years in development and 65 GB of your storage. That feel of a living comic book a motion book, if you like follows throughout the game. And it sounds like a real movie and sometimes like a skit from a gangsta rap CD.

The voices are selected great, and the effects are realistic. Many fans adore the GTA V radio for newest tracks by famous producers, mostly rap, R'n'B and reggaeton, though you can listen to rock, pop or jazz. While the main storyline takes about 43 hours of pure gameplay, there are many factors lifting the replay value of GTA V up to infinity.

Side quests are numerous, and many episodes offer minor options like which car to hijack. The second option when playing Grand Theft Auto 5 for Windows 10 is quite tactile: you can try it both with mouse-and-keyboard, with an Xbox controller or with a wheel if you have these.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS4 was a bit higher in its appearance but kept the same storyline and controls system. Linux users should also use Wine or full Windows as a secondary OS.

Mobile versions are not even planned. Just look at the storage the game takes to understand why. Being available both for consoles and for PC, the game supports both controllers and mouse-and-keyboard commands. But similar is not the same. The emulation is quite good until it comes to driving.

A and D as a steering wheel are not as good as a hardware piece in your hands.

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Yet there are tricks that let you connect the steering wheel controller to a PC, use it for driving and keyboard and mouse for anything else.

Thus the experience gets much richer.


The developers created the prologue to introduce you to the key controls. The hints appear in the left upper corner, so, if you get stuck, just look there. They tell you how to move, to hide, to aim and shoot, to drive and so on. That sounds interesting. Rockstar made the right decision not to risk quality. The same story, bro. Nobody knows yet. But all the add-ons and mods made for the original GTA 5 constantly make a new one.

If for some reason you have missed it, come on and play now.Below are all the hints and tips you need to make tonnes of cash on the stock market in Grand Theft Auto V. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to send them in! Also don't forget to check out our guide specifically in relation to the eCola stock - you can earn a ton of money early on in single player mode by following the steps.

As Franklin you can do assassination missions for Lester and each time you carry out a hit, the stock market will be affected. Here is a big tip and it isn't even the main one - if you really want to cash-in, then wait until the end of the game when you've completed the campaign and the mission "The Big Score" and should have lots of money to do the missions. This will let you invest the most and also realize the most profits You also need to cycle through each of your characters before each mission so that you can invest all their money in the relevant stock.

And, before you start a mission, make sure you quick save in case you make a mistake. One final thing - if you need to advance some days in order for the stock price to move as desired, go to a safehouse and fall asleep. This will pass the time enough for your investments to spike. Then sell them! So anyway, invest in the stock listed before each assassination mission and follow any other notes.

For this reason it is good to do after you've finished all of Lester's assassination missions, for example. You should also know that the prices of the LCN stocks will refresh every 45 seconds while you're doing this. This can be a little annoying having to wait through a lot of saving screens but it can also be worthwhile provided you are investing a lot of money to begin with.

The incremental changes won't be massive maybe a few cents per price change but they add up if you have loads of money riding on it Head out on a mission of destruction and then immediately put some money into AugeryInsurance stock AUG. When you destroyed lots of cars by damaging them, it should have caused the stock price to go down. Then after a while and given you've stopped destroying things the stock should shoot right back up! When you're playing GTA V there will always be one particular stock on the LCN market that fluctuates within a set range well pretty much a set range.

If you can find that stock and know it's range, then it's just a matter of continuously trading it to make money! When it goes down into the bottom of the trading range, buy it. Then when it goes up to the top, sell it! Note that the stock in question for your game will not be one affected by the Assassination Missions ie Debonaire Cigarettes, Redwood or GoldCoast.

If you listen often to talk back radio stations then you're more likely to hear about stock tips. If you do happen to hear something, load up on the stock being discussed to profit! This tactic hinges on the company rivalry system, and is centered around the Los Santos International Airport. If you check out our chart above, you'll note that AirEMU and FlyUS are rival airline companies, and this can be used to earn big time.

Before starting this, make sure to save your game so you have a restore point with all your money in case something goes wrong. To start out, you need to purchase all the AirEMU stock that you can. After that, start destroying FlyUS planes at the airport. There should be plenty, and the large liveries on the sides of the planes will let you know what airline they belong to.If you've got the itch to play a game over again from the beginning but are looking for a different experience this time around, there's no better way to change things up than by using mods.

In both subtle and broad ways, mods can put a different spin on a game and give something familiar a whole new twist. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a great open world sandbox, but if you've been it a few times you might be looking for a more realistic, and thus more challenging, way to play. Below are five mods for giving you a more realistic playthrough of GTA 5. The only thing more ridiculous than the criminals you portray in GTA 5 are the cops that respond to your crimes.

Realism Dispatch Enhanced completely overhauls the law enforcement system for a more measured and believable response, while expanding it by adding new agencies from local to federal.

GTA 5 Stock Market Tips

RDE fully incorporates the excellent Crime and Police Rebalance mod which is no longer being supported while adding lots of new elements of its own. There's new and improved AI for the police that will allow them to use more realistic tactics, and different types of crimes will be met with appropriate responses.

Everywhere you turn in GTA 5 there's a car for the taking. What's more, these cars will drive forever, provided you won't wreck them. Bring your wheels back down to earth with the Fuel Script Modwhich adds a fuel meter to your car shown above the minimap. Drive long enough and you'll run out of gas and the engine will stop. You can refuel from a petrol station—there are a number of them on the map—or by using a jerry can.

You can even change vehicles, and the mod will keep track of the fuel level left in the past ten cars you drove. Something we take for granted in GTA 5 is always having a weapon in our hands, but adding a little uncertainty can turn a typical gunfight into a more frantic and fun encounter.

Better Weapon Ragdoll means that if something happens to you—like, say, getting hit by a car—your weapon can tumble free of your hands and wind up on the ground, leaving you in a scramble to retrieve it. Think twice before jumping off roofs or tumbling down mountains, because when you pick yourself up, you may also have to pick up your sidearm.

You're having fun playing GTA 5, but are your characters enjoying themselves? Do they ever have a meal that doesn't have to do with healing an injury?

Are they getting enough rest?

how to sleep in gta 5

The Human Needs mod requires that you take care of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin by making sure they get some sleep and have regular meals. You can buy food, liquor, coffee, and other items from shops the mod adds a separate inventory for these items and visit motels around the map for some shut-eye.

If you don't tend to their needs they may lose health or their special abilities as a result. If you want to play GTA 5 without feeling like a superhuman bullet-sponge, the Realistic Damage mod transforms you into a genuine human being.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. Game time stops when pausing, will automatically advance when starting some missions and using a bed to save will advance game time by 6 hours Michael8 hours Franklin or 12 hours Trevor.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How long is a day in GTA V in real time? Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 6 years, 2 months ago. Viewed k times. How long is a Grand Theft Auto 5 day in real time?

Some missions start at certain times of day or have to be completed between certain hours. Sometimes it's just useful to know how long you've got or how long you need to wait in real time. Active Oldest Votes. A full day in GTA 5 takes 48 minutes real time. One hour takes 2 minutes. I guess makes more sense. You may want to edit this and add info for online time.Players should be aware however, that there is a guard who constantly walks around for a few seconds and comes back; if this guard sees the player touching her three times, he will be thrown out of the club this does not apply to GTA Online, or in single player after completing the mission Hang Ten.

GTA Online players must use their microphone to flirt with the stripper.

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In GTA Vonce her like meter is filled, she won't be available to take home. This is due to the fact that Chastity does not sleep around. In her lap dances, the stripper will get mad and leave the player when it looks like she's being ignored.

There is an unused, yet working phone number in the game's files that corresponds to her, meaning that the player was supposed to take her home during story mode. The same applies to the other girls who cannot normally be taken home. The number is fully functional, but as no dialogue was recorded for the scenes, they will be silent.

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how to sleep in gta 5

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Global Achievements. I read in wikia that there are 8 strippers, but I see only 6 in Unicorn missed is Peach and Fufu. Am I missing something?

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. I think they turn up at random times. I have seen them all except Fufu to my knowledge. You're missing 2 strippers I guess :- If any comfort I got those 2 in my list, so I guess they work at different hours or something?

Originally posted by Be4st :. Fufu's all mine! There are some that you cannot take home, but can when playing GTAO. The wiki states which ones 'Put out' Strippers can be touched although if caught by a bouncer 3 times, you will be thrown out and flirted with to increase their Like meter.

If the Like meter is high enough, the ability to get a double dance is unlocked. Strippers can be also taken to their home to have sex. However, some strippers do not sleep around. After Trevor acquires the Vanilla Unicorn, him, Michael, and Franklin can all touch the strippers in the sight of the bouncers without being thrown out.

For Trevor, lapdances are free and the strippers call him "sir". After a stripper is taken home for the first time, her number will be available on the contacts list in the player's phone. The player can then call her at night to pick her up and take her home, but if called during the day she will make an excuse. She will usually send pictures of herself to the player too after being taken home.

This can easily be noticed by pressing the button to look behind while driving, as well as the comments made by her and the player. They once again must raise a like bar but can also use their microphone to flirt with the stripper. Filling the flirt bar will add a bit onto the like bar. Once the like bar is full, the stripper will give the player her number and if rung, she will come to the players apartment to perform free lap dances for the player and their friends.

Cheetah - Cannot be taken home. Peach - Cannot be taken home. If you are looking for a particular stripper and don't see her, wait a few game-hours until the shift changes. Originally posted by zoo :. I haven't checked the time but it's fair to say; early hours?

There's always one pole-dancing. Per page: 15 30 The Kifflom! Other characters cannot do the missions. This quest-line becomes available very early in the game, once you've unlocking Michael as a playable character. So it's well worth the time and money investment.

Step 1 - Open the internet browser of your in-game phone, go to the Epsilon website "epsilonprogram. Step 2 - A question mark will show up in Raton Canyon after a while. Go there. Step 3 - After the cutscene you will get an e-mail.

Chain Gang of 1974 - Sleepwalking [OFFICIAL HQ STREAM]

Step 4 - The Epsilon symbol will appear on the world map after some time. Go back to your house and save the game a couple of times until the symbol shows up on the world map. Step 5 - After the cutscene you will get an e-mail.

Step 6 - Go to the next Epsilon symbol takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again. Step 7. Declasse Tornado Step 7.

Pegassi Vacca Step 7. Benefactor Surano Step 7. Enus Super Diamond Step 7. Dinka Double-T Step 8 - Go to the next Epsilon symbol takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again.

Step 9 - Complete the mission. Step 11 - Go to the next Epsilon symbol takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again. Step 12 - After the cutscene you will get an e-mail. Step 13 - After the robes have been delivered takes 1 dayequip them from Michael 's closet.

If they don't show up, try quitting and re-entering the game. You need to wear them for 10 cumulative in-game days 6 real-life hours. When you save the game using Michael 's bed, it progresses the in-game time 6 hours, so the fastest way to do this is sleep 40 times An indicator will appear in the bottom-left of the screen saying how many days you've worn them as you progress.

how to sleep in gta 5

Step 15 - Complete the mission. Step 16 - Go to the next Epsilon symbol takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again.